Stamping 101: An Introduction to All Things Stamps

The art of stamping is an fun and rubber stamps   creative craft used by each DIYers and artists. There are a diffusion of stamps to pick out from, with each stamp owning their very own benefits. The quality component approximately our stamps is that they’re completely customizable to your want and desires! Every day we make stamps for a wide form of customers and companies, each with their very own precise design.

Here is your final manual to a number of the exceptional kinds of stamps we provide so you can sense a touch much less beaten the subsequent time you embark on a stamping adventure!

Self-inking stamps are not most effective a time saver however shop area too, with the ink pad already constructed in the stamp. When pressed down, the stamp, which rests up in opposition to the ink pad, releases and flips round to stamp the surface. This form of stamp lasts 2000-4000 impressions earlier than wanting a replacement pad or re-inking. It is best for repetitive stamping, creating a quick but crisp influence every time.


Pre-inked stamps vary from self-inking stamps since when pressed down, they without delay stamp the floor without any moving parts. The pre-inked stamp lasts longer than the self-inking, stamping up to 50,000 impressions before wanting to be re-inked. The pre-inked stamp leaves the highest great impact but may additionally require rest in among makes use of. They are most generally used for custom emblems and signature stamps due to their awesome hold close for detail!

Rubber Stamp
Rubber stamps were a classic cult favorite for decades. As the most low-priced stamp, rubber stamps are a staple in both business and domestic settings. They upload a country and special contact to something you operate them on. Although they require a separate ink pad, the timber manage lets in for consolation and manipulate for a traditional stamping enjoy.


Switch Stamp
The Switch Stamp requires 3 clean steps: click, stamp and switch. What makes this stamp special is that it has an interchangeable textplate in addition to an interchangeable built-in ink pad. From 14 exclusive ink colors to pick from, this stamp makes customization handy.

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